The science that makes us special

Horse genetics is an almost untouched branch of science, and we are immersing ourselves completely in studying the horse.

Bringing gene tests to the equine industry

Our vision is to make gene testing a routinely used tool in the equine industry. Gene testing has been developing rapidly over the last 10 years, and the pace is not slowing down. Simultaneously, the price of complex tests has plummeted.

Unlike the dog, cat and livestock industries which have utilized routine gene tests for years, a big opportunity still exists in the equine industry.

What is genetics?

Genetics is the blueprint of each living thing. It dictates how organisms are constructed, but when it comes to health and traits, it only constitutes 30% of the whole picture. What you see in your horse is a combination of genetics and other factors, such as environment, feeding, and training.

Unraveling the future today

Aavagen, with the help of cutting edge technology and world-famous international collaboration partners, is bringing the next generation of gene tests to the equine industry. Sound science is our passion, and we are proud to be a part of improving equine health and performance by applying the newest scientific discoveries.

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