Jouhen varassa

The Mane Project –campaign is your chance to be a part of genetic research. The focus of the project is on some of the most common diseases found in horses.

We are looking for horses with diagnoses in one or more of the following diseases:

Degenerative osteoarthritis / osteoarthrosis
Bone chip in a joint / osteochondrosis dissecans
Hoof wall separation
Bone spavin
Third carpal bone disease (C3)
Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate
Equine recurrent uveitis (ERU)
Sweet itch
PPID (Cushing´s Syndrome)

You can take part in the campaign by submitting a hair sample from your horse at one of the clinics we collaborate with or contacting us by email Before you submit your sample, your horse must be diagnosed with at least one of the diseases listed above. All diagnoses must be verified by a veterinarian. The campaign is anonymous: you can choose whether you want to submit identifying information such as the name or registration number of your horse. All information will be handled confidentially and will be saved in a secure database.

At the moment you can submit samples through the following clinics in Finland:

Interested being one of our coopearion clinics?