The samples are processed at our own laboratory and any complex analysis, such as DNA sequencing is conducted by a collaborator certified to process human clinical samples and data. Any processed samples that we send to our collaborating facility are anonymised and the results are always analysed by us. We only collaborate with leading facilities in Europe.

No, all your horse’s data and results are stored in our secure database, which uses military-grade encryption and cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel.

It will take approximately 2-3 weeks for the results to be ready from when the sample has arrived to our laboratory. The official result sheet will be sent by mail.

By knowing your horse’s genetics you will be able to tailor your horse’s care and training to your horse’s specific needs, as well as make accurate breeding choices and avoid heritable diseases.

All of the tests we sell can be done from horse hair (mane or tail), so no blood samples are needed. Taking a hair sample is easy and no veterinarian is required for sampling. Just make sure that the hair sample has plenty of intact hair bulbs. Please note that in order to register the results officially in some databases, a third party individual, such as a vet might be required. Learn more about how to take a sample here.

The official result report will be sent to you by mail. If you wish, an electronic version of the report can also be submitted for you by e-mail.

When the sample arrives at our laboratory, you will receive an invoice for the test. Please note that the samples will be processed only once the invoice has been paid in full.