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Maria Jensen


My interest for science and medicine began at a very early age, This led me to become a researcher at a prominent research group in Turku. Besides science, horses have been important to me since I was a child. I’ve been riding and training horses for other people since I was a teenager.

As entrepreneurship runs in my blood, I wanted to combine my passion for horses with science in order to create something good for the horse industry. As I know how expensive it is to maintain and train horses, and how heartbreaking it can be if a horse suffers from a disease, I know that we are on an important mission.

Emine Lundsten


My professional background is in cell and molecular biology. During the years I was doing academic research my main focus was on transcription and transcription factors, as well as non-coding RNAs. I am eager to apply my expertise in order to develop something completely novel in our lab.

I began to take regular riding lectures already at an early age, and this path later lead to many fun summers working at stables in Finland, Sweden and UK. Another kind of four legged friends, dogs, have had a central part in my life for over two decades. I find it extremely exciting to be back in the horse industry and it is wonderful that I can combine my scientific background with it.

Iiris Lyyra


My interest for horses started when I was 9-years old and I got the ride an shetland pony for the first time. My path to this day has passed through the Equine College Ypäjä, to the teams of many Olympic riders and finally now to business and marketing studies in Turku University of Applied Sciences. I have worked with horses in many different positions: groom, rider and as a coach. One of my best achievements is gold medal in Finnish Championships in team eventing.

Now, through Aavagen, I can combine this experience with my marketing skills. My love for horses has led me to this exciting road and I am really looking forward to what the future will bring.

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