Shipping samples inside Finland


When you have ordered a gene test from Aavagen, and are sending us hair samples inside Finland, follow the instructions on this page to gather your sample correctly and get it to us safely.

First print out the submission form (found here), then fill in the information of your horse and sign the submission form. Take a hair sample from your horse according to the instructions below, and put the hairs into an envelope together with the signed and filled submission form. 

Remember to use a separate envelope for each horse!

If you are sending us samples from several horses, we recommend placing the envelopes containing the hairs of each horse in a larger envelope.

Our address is: Aavagen Oy, Fiskarsinkatu 11, 20750 Turku.

Send the envelope to us with Posti.


How you take a hair sample:




1. Grab a bundle of hairs from the tail or the main of your horse.



2. Wrap the hairs a few times around a mane comb, as close to the skin of the horse as possible. Stand a little to the side of the horse, and pull downwards to get a bundle of hair. The DNA is in the roots of the hairs, so make sure that the sample contains the roots!


3. Collect 2-3 bundles of root hairs and place the hairs in an envelope. Please remember to use separate envelopes to each horse!