Risk gene test


Origo is a risk gene test that is recommended for stallions and mares before breeding. Paring two horses that carry the same harmful gene can cause miscarriages and/or deaths. By doing the Origo risk gene test, you can make sure that your horse is not carrying these genes.


The gene test includes the following genes:

Glycogen storage disease

This fatal disease leads to developmental abnormalities leading to either late-term abortion or dysfunction of skeletal muscles, heart muscle or liver by 8 weeks of age.


Megacolon, lethal                                                

This disease is caused by a swelling of the intestines which causes colic during the first 12-14 months after birth. No known treatment - leads to internal obstruction and ultimately death.


Lavender foal syndrome

The disease causes several neurological issues, leading to paddling movement, abnormal eye movements and severe muscle spasms. Usually lethal soon after birth, or cause for euthanasia.


Epitheliogenesis imperfecta                                  

This disease leads to severe skin malformations, such as blisters. In particular limbs can be affected, leading to a recurrent loss of hooves. Affected foals usually die or are euthanized.